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Do you like to hike but are concerned about your baby? Do you want to hike while pregnant?

Hiking Baby is the place to develop and share a passion for the outdoors with your baby and family!

What is Hiking Baby?

After several years of growth and success with Hiking Lady and numerous questions from loyal readers about hiking while pregnant and hiking with young families, Hiking Lady has expanded…and Hiking Baby is here!

At Hiking Baby, you can learn to share your passion for the outdoors with your baby and family! This new site is dedicated to all things related to hiking while pregnant, hiking with young children, and enjoying the outdoors with your family. Check out the gear reviews, stay tuned for product giveaways, feel free to ask questions, and stay in the know with the Hiking Lady family.

Happy trails! 

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.

– Aristotle


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Look No Further Than REI Co-Op For Your Baby Registry!

Do you have a little one on the way and your friends and family are asking you “Where are you registered”? Having a 3-year-old and 6-month-old myself, I am very familiar with the generosity of friends and family when you have a new baby on the way. Everyone seems to… Read more…

Footwear, Books, and Gear for Your Hiking Babies!

There is certainly one thing all babies and toddlers have – lots of stuff! From a diaper bag, to a pack-n-play, high chairs, bibs, clothing, toys and more, if you’re a parent of a little one you know exactly what I mean. When it comes to the outdoors and trail… Read more…

Toddler hiking gear

Gearing Up Your Little Hikers this Winter with REI Co-op

Are you ready to explore the mountains this winter with your toddler? Then it is time to gear up, and make sure that he/she is well equipped with all the toddler hiking gear they will need to stay comfortable and have many fun adventures! What is the best hiking gear… Read more…

How to Introduce Babies and Toddlers to Camping

Do you want to go camping with your infant or toddler but feel overwhelmed by the prospects of it? Perhaps you’re fearful that your toddler might have a less than ideal experience on his or her first camping trip and might not want to go again. Or perhaps it is… Read more…

How to Introduce Babies and Toddlers to Camping

Gear for Summer Family Hikes

Summer is quickly approaching, and what better way to spend some quality family time than a summer family hike!  Now is the time to take inventory of what you already own, and add some quality gear so you can make your outdoor family adventures as fun and comfortable as possible! Read more…

Hiking While Pregnant

Hiking While Pregnant?

If you love hiking like I do, then you’ll probably want to keep at it while you’re pregnant! Hiking while pregnant is safe for most women. Let’s talk about some tips for making hiking while pregnant more pleasant when you hit the trails. Read more…

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.

-Charles R. Swindoll

New Hiking Baby Reviews!

Merrell Bare Steps H20 Sneaker
Merrell Bare Steps H20

Kids need versatile shoes that can take their feet on all sorts of adventures! Hiking Toddler is testing out a pair of Merrell Bare Steps H20, the water shoe version of the Merrell Bare Steps sneakers we checked out previously. Why Merrell “Bare Steps” shoes? As a parent, I want… Read more…

Balega Kids Socks
Balega Kids Socks Review

If you love hiking as much as I do, then you want to be out exploring a trail as much as possible. Sometimes with a pair of hiking boots; other times with a pair of trail runners. Sometimes you’ll be out there with friends; other times with family; other times… Read more…

Hiking Clothes for Kids: KUHL Boy's Revel 1/4 Zip
Little Kids Hiking Clothes: KÜHL Kids Review

How do you get your children to love the outdoors? Get them outside and make sure they are comfortable! One of the easiest ways to do that is to make an investment into quality little kids hiking clothes, just as you would for yourself. Case in point – Hiking Toddler… Read more…

Merrell Hydro Choprock Sandal Review
Merrell Hydro Choprock Review

What do hiking toddlers and kids wear in the summer?  Water shoes!  Merrell has a new line called the Hydro Choprock that are just as amazing as the Merrell Kids Hydro 2.0 shoes, and even more versatile than the KEEN Newport H2s.  Read on for the full Merrell Hydro Choprock review!… Read more…

The Mogix Smart Diaper Bag
A Smart Diaper Bag

If you have a baby or toddler in diapers, then you’re probably like our family and have a diaper bag with you at all times. Our diaper bag goes with us on trips to the store, playdates at the park, and on hikes we strap it to our trail stroller.… Read more…

Merrell Bare Steps Sneaker
Merrell’s Versatile Footwear for Little Feet

Merrell has exciting news – they have introduced an amazing collection called Bare Steps for toddlers, plus a new toddler and kid snow boot called the Snow Quest Lites. Hiking Toddler has tested out both, and we have plenty of thoughts to share to help you learn more about these… Read more…