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Gear for Summer Family Hikes

It is never to early to hug a tree!

Summer is quickly approaching, and what better way to spend some quality family time than a summer family hike!  Now is the time to take inventory of what you already own, and add some quality gear so you can make your outdoor family adventures as fun and comfortable as possible!


Hiking While Pregnant?

Hiking While Pregnant

If you love hiking like I do, then you'll probably want to keep at it while you're pregnant! Hiking while pregnant is safe for most women. Let's talk about some tips for making hiking while pregnant more pleasant when you hit the trails.


Enjoying Southern California Wildflowers with Hiking Baby

Hiking Lady and Hiking Baby

Hiking Lady chats about a recent Southern California wildflower hike with Hiking Baby, and the new challenges associated with having a hiking toddler who loves walking everywhere and touching everything!


A Smart Stroller?

SmartBe Stroller

I just learned about the latest "smart" device...a smart stroller!  Who would have thought? The SmartBe stroller is an electric powered stroller that using a combination of engines and sensors will keep the stroller at a specified distance in front of the parent.


How Do I Hike With My Baby?

Stokke My Carrier Cool

Is it okay to take a baby out on a hike? What is the best way to carry a little one? What gear should I take with me? Many people have asked me these and related questions, basically, how do I hike with my baby? Just like adults, our precious little ones need time in …