Hiking Lady's Gear Reviews

Want to know which backpacks are the most comfortable on the trail? Or which hiking boots are my favorites? Or the best stroller to use to take your baby on dirt paths?

In the Hiking Lady and Hiking Baby Reviews, I put to the test all sorts of adventure apparel, gear, and footwear. I know how to beat up gear, and as I go on hiking adventures I share my thoughts with you! When stuff is great, I let you know, and when it is bad, I also let you know! There’s no holding back here!

7 AM Enfant Easy Cover Fleece Review

7 AM Easy Cover Fleece

Did you know that it is very important to dress your baby in thin layers when they're in a car seat or strapped into a stroller while you're taking a walk? This is where the 7 AM Enfant Easy Cover Fleece comes in...it is a cozy layer for your little one that is worn OVER the straps and belts of a car seat or stroller.


Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Non-Scents Review

Earth Mama Angel Baby logo

A Mild, Organic, Toxin Free Soap for Your Little Angel Baby: Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Non-Scents Review! I love it when the ingredient list is short and simple. (Compare the ingredients of the Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Non-Scents Baby Wash and Shampoo for example to Johnson's Baby Shampoo, which has Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, Yellow 6, Yellow 10, and Parfum, among many other ingredients!). There's no non-sense with Earth Mama!


Woolpower Kids Zip Turtleneck 200 Review

Woolpower Kid Zip Turtleneck 200 Review

A Cozy and Comfortable Turtleneck Shirt for Your Little One: Woolpower Kids Zip Turtleneck 200 Review! Want to dress junior in the same high quality products as Mom or Dad and keep your little one comfortable as you explore the outdoors together? Several months ago I had the opportunity to try the adult sized Woolpower …