Woolpower Kids Zip Turtleneck 200 Review

A Cozy and Comfortable Turtleneck Shirt for Your Little One: Woolpower Kids Zip Turtleneck 200 Review!

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Want to dress junior in the same high quality products as Mom or Dad and keep your little one comfortable as you explore the outdoors together?

Several months ago I had the opportunity to try the adult sized Woolpower Zip Turtleneck 200, an extremely comfortable, warm, and wicking layer that I have found to be ideal for cool summer evenings in the mountains and Fall morning workouts. With the launch of Hiking Baby, it only seems reasonable that our children should be dressed in the same high quality materials as us parents when we’re out exploring nature! This is where Woolpower’s children’s line comes in.

Woolpower Kid Zip Turtleneck 200 Review
Woolpower Kid Zip Turtleneck 200

Woolpower Kids Zip Turtleneck 200 is a miniature version of the unisex Woolpower Zip Turtleneck 200. Just like the adult version, the Woolpower Kids Zip Turtleneck is made by Woolpower in the same small town in the Northern part of Sweden. How does the shirt stay so warm, yet retain wicking properties, and still stay extremely soft, despite being made of wool? It is a combination of the of “terry loops” on the inside of the turtleneck and a very unique material, Ullfrotte Original, that was developed in conjunction with the Swedish military in the 1970s. Read on to find out more!

Notable Unique Features of the Woolpower Zip Turtleneck

As to be expected, the kids size Zip Turtleneck has the same features of the adult version. They are just smaller, and less expensive because they are smaller.

  • Soft soft soft! Unlike most merino wool that has a tendency to be itchy, Woolpower’s merino wool is 22.5 microns, making it thick enough to be durable yet fine enough to not itch. Plus, the inside of the top has soft, terry loops. These loops are what make it so comfortable against the skin.
  • The terry cloth loops inside the Woolpower top make it comfortable and soft against bare skin
    The terry cloth loops inside the Woolpower top make it comfortable and soft against bare skin
  • Each item has the personal label of the seamstress that made it. Now that’s impressive!
  • Woolpower seamstress
    Woolpower seamstress: a unique label in each garment!
  • Highly moisture wicking. While your child may not perspire as much as you do, it is still a good idea to dress them in moisture wicking apparel. There is no need for them to develop a rash from built up moisture on their skin when you’re out with them on a nature walk or hauling them in a child carrier to a campsite.
  • Almost seamless! Each garment is knitted on a circular knitting machine and comes out in a tube shape. This means that there aren’t seams that can cause chafing on your child’s body, nor are there seams that can tear or rip when your little one is scrambling through bushes and learning all about the outside world!
  • Very cool packaging. While admittedly the packaging is of no relevance to the performance of the top, just like the adult version, the sleek cardboard box that the Woolpower Kids Zip Turtleneck is packaged in is reminiscent of an Apple product. The top makes a great gift!


  • Sizing: The Woolpower Kids Zip Turtleneck 200 comes in 5 sizes, based on the age of your child. Size 02 for 1-2 years old, Size 04 for 3-4 years old, Size 06 for 5-6 years old, 08 for 7-8 years old, and 09 for 9-10 years old.
  • Where to Buy? Woolpower’s Kids Shop
  • Pricing? $75
  • Materials: 60% Merino Wool, 25% Polyester, 13% Polyamide, 2% Elastane
  • Colors: A variety of creatively named colors! Pirate Black, Turtle Green, Dolphin Blue, and Sea Star Rose

Happy trails!

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