Gearing Up Your Little Hikers this Winter with REI Co-op

Toddler hiking gearAre you ready to explore the mountains this winter with your toddler? Then it is time to gear up, and make sure that he/she is well equipped with all the toddler hiking gear they will need to stay comfortable and have many fun adventures!

What is the best hiking gear for toddlers?

Simply put, your Hiking Toddler needs mini versions of adult hiking and winter gear.

  • Toddler sized apparel.  This can be hard to find, but REI Co-op has an excellent assortment of toddler sized apparel (2T, 3T, and 4T).  For younger children, the REI Co-op branded items are limited in Infant sizes, so you’ll have to either go with upscale brands such as Patagonia and The North Face or for lower quality alternatives (Walmart/Target). Don’t expect the lower quality gear to last more than one season or more than one child!
  • Toddler sized shoes/boots.  For winter activities, boots are mandatory.  A toddler won’t enjoy a snow adventure for very long if his or her feet are cold and wet.  For spring/summer hikes, regular sneakers or shoes are suitable for toddlers.
  • Kid size water bottle. CamelBak makes a cute one that has a built in straw, so your hiking toddler can start using it from the early toddler years onward.
  • Socks, socks, and more socks.  I always have an extra pair, because on every hiking excursion, winter adventure, or even trip to the aquarium, my Hiking Toddler manages to get his socks wet.  Therefore, always have an extra pair or two of socks.
Hiking Toddler staying comfy in his durable REI Co-op Timber Mountain Overalls.
REI Co-op Timber Mountain Overalls – well constructed with reinforced knees and rear.
Toddler hiking gear
REI Co-op Toddlers Timber Mountain Overalls. Highly durable with reinforced knees and rear!
Hiking Toddler ready for winter hikes, sledding, and lots of cold weather play time!
Staying cozy in the REI Co-op Reversible Down Jacket.
Hiking Toddler waiting for snow!
REI Co-op Toddlers’ Puffy Mitts! So cute and cozy!
REI Co-op Toddlers’ Puffy Mitts. Helpful features like zippered wrists and conductive thumb and finger pads
REI Co-op Toddlers 650 Reversible Down Jacket
Hiking Toddler showing off his new REI Co-op Puffy Mitts.
Ready for winter with toddler hiking gear!

What is the best winter snow adventure gear for toddlers?

Now that the weather started cooling down, my toddler needed to get appropriate outdoor hiking gear for the upcoming season. Here’s what he will be wearing for snowy adventure days in the mountains!

Toddler snow pants
REI Co-op Timber Mountain Overall Big Snow Pants for toddlers
  • Snow Bib. For winter activities, a snow bib is the most versatile.  The REI Co-op Toddlers’ Timber Mountain Overalls are ideal because they are extremely well made. As you can see in the pictures, the seat, knees, and hem are all reinforced. The cuffs have internal snow gaiters to keep your toddler’s boots protected from snow sneaking in from the top. The Timber Mountain Overalls come in 2T, 3T, and 4T, but note that there are adjustable overall straps and growth tucks int he legs to make sure that this snow bib will be worn more than one season. A great value at $59.95.
  • Insulated Jacket. What better way to stay cozy than with a down jacket? We picked the REI Co-op 650 Reversible Down Jacket for our toddler because it is lightweight, water repellent, and has features that
    Toddler hiking gear
    REI Co-op 650 Reversible Down Jacket for toddlers
    signal its high quality – a zipper garage to protect your little one’s tender chins from the zipper and elastic at the bottom of the hem and at the cuffs. Plus it is reversible! The REI Co-op 650 Reversible Down Jacket shown in the pictures is the Teal, reversed to blue. At just $49.95 it is also a great value, particularly since it is half the price of the very similar Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket.
  • Waterproof mittens. For little adventurers, mittens are better than gloves because your toddler will have cozier hands and have more
    REI Co-op Puffy Mittens for toddlers
    REI Co-op Puffy Mittens for toddlers
    than enough movement to use their little hands to throw snowballs, make snowmen, or simply just play! The design of the REI Co-op Toddler Puffy Mittens caught my attention – they are easy to get on and off because there are side zippers, they are waterproof, and the cuffs cinch to keep snow out. They come in two colors (black and pink), and are priced at $27.95. This pricing is inline with most decent toddler gloves on the market.


The most important thing is to make sure to get your toddler outside all year, no matter what the weather. If you need some tips on getting your children outdoors, be sure to check out the Hiking Baby book review of There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather.

Happy trails!

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